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Cadbury, formerly Cadbury's and Cadbury Schweppes, is a British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by Mondelez International (originally Kraft Foods) since 2010. It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Mars. Cadbury is internationally headquartered in Uxbridge, west London, and operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. It is known for its Dairy Milk chocolate.

Ian shared in a review "We don't think we would buy a Cadbury product again. The chocolate is just awful, Wispas, Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut etc the whole range. It's not the same taste anymore, tasteless . Management have ruined this, bring old recipe back!!"


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Former Employee - Retail Sales Assistant says

"If you are unlucky enough to be working in the Cadbury World gift shop, you will be bullied and made to feel bad, just for turning up. The shop badly needs a bully box. I am lucky that I am thick skinned, but younger timid members of staff were made to feel very bad. I am not permitted to describe the offending individual. You will work really hard on the shop floor while the management sit in the office stuffing their faces with chocolate. They will occasionally leave the safety of the office to moan that you are not working hard enough. While you are working hard during peak periods, the team leaders will spend five hours setting up a display. A job that takes about thirty minutes for able people to complete, will take an entire shift. The staff canteen sells very uninteresting food, terrible coffee and the canteen staff are very slow at serving you. Also you are only given thirty minutes to have your food, luckily then the canteen takes five minutes to get to up very steep stairs. The atmosphere in the canteen between the shop workers and the exhibition team is very tense, each department seems to be very wary of each other. The exhibition is pretty rubbish. And customers will complain to you about it. Since the exhibition omitted the 'factory' side of 'Bournville Chocolate Factory' the site could really be overhauled. Customers complain that the attraction no longer involves a 'factory tour'."

Current Employee - Product Manager says

"Fierce hire and fire. Many people I see joining don't make it thought probation and aren't spoken about again. There are several taboo topics. The management culture is "old school". People don't get trained. Every document needs to be approved by the manager. As somekne who wants to advance in their career, this company is a cul-de-sac. Mistakes are generally not tolerated and people prefer to criticise change harshly than to consider it. Those that play the polotics game and are liked by the boss get promoted - maybe a common thing, but when completely incompetent people with next to no experience or drive get the promotion you start soubting if this is a workplace or a schoolyard. Look for a career elsewhere"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"All the good will was lost with the hostile takeover by Kraftfoods"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"Culture not good - people out for themselves and willing to step on others to get there."

Former Employee - Assistant Brand Manager says

"Mondelez International feels like it has become a faceless business where you are simply a cog in a machine"

Project Manager says

"mangement is scary fo decisons and repsonsibility is pushed downa wards from the top. Lower work force is not aligned with mangement and the sam is not acceped as s aproblem resulting in every one downg the job 2-03 levels below and hence vaccum in liong term strategy. Decsions are adhoc and unplanned. Most importantly every one does the job of other person and takes pride rather than doing their own."

Current Employee - Sales Executive says

"our incentives is not coming time"

Former Employee - Technical Executive says

"low salary and more over same salary to both UG and PG graduated employees. no office for technical executives immediate decisions regarding office meeting without prior intimations to the executives. No difference between an Under Graduate degree employee and a Masters degree employee"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Kids falling into the chocolate river. It takes weeks to clean it"

Current Employee - Planner says

"Limited options for promotion or lateral movement"

Tècnic Laboratori Control de Qualitat (Former Employee) says

"Ya me hubiese gustado continuar allí. Fue el primer lugar donde realice mis practicas con la mala suerte de que cerró la empresa."

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Aids talking too much instead of working They didn’t do their assignments what should be done, report to supervisor or manager, nothing change and too much preference"

Dietary Aide (Current Employee) says

"Feeding the elderly ,taking their orders,serving them the right way,making sure they happy with their service with me and that will make their day even betterFree lunchHealth care"

Shop Assistant (Current Employee) says

"working at Cadbury Chocolate was very bad for my well being, I thought that working there would be a very good experience, but my first few days on the job were more than underwhelming. The management was sort of poor because they just expected you to know what you were doing. any time I asked for assistance I was turned down after being glared at. The short amount of ours got me by and I wasn't struggling by any means but I wanted to be able to have some more money to spend on myself. I have been experiencing difficulty finding a new job so I'm stuck in this position for now. The short hours mean I'm always on call and whenever I get a shift I have very little notice.15% off chocolate at the front storeShort hours. Not as much pay as i was hoping for, in fact, much to little amounts."

impulso y mercadeo (Former Employee) says

"aprendí algunas cosas que no sabia la parte mas difícil era tener que contar y lo mejor era pesar nos a ahorraba mucho trabajosi la salud muy buenasii hay descanso"

Confectioner (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, standing long period of time. Uniform was supplied. Had kick start meetings before you start, which was helpful. I mainly done nights shifts."

process worker (Former Employee) says

"Seemed like a decent place to work, but I didn't stick around too long as you're expected to be On-Call at a minutes notice to work night-shift. I'm happy to work night shift, but you need some notice! Also, they say 'show you're a hard worker and you'll get more shifts'. I worked my butt off and still remained on-call. I hated that; Not knowing if you're working at all that week. It's hard to get into a routine when you're expected to work nightshift, but aren't warned in advance. I won't ever commit to an on-call role again, that's for sure. You end up wasting your days hoping the phone will ring.Great pay when you're working nights!Not enough hours, being on-call without ANY rostered shifts."

Area sales manager (Former Employee) says

"Σε περιόδους ανακατατάξεων ισχύει το : ο σωζων εαυτόν σωθητω...Πληρωνει πάνω από το μέσο όρο της αγοράςΑπρόσωπη εταιρία."

Senior Buyer (Former Employee) says

"Restructuring allow the company to work in a more global consolidated manner, means more unemployment for South Africa. Prior to the Kraft Buyout of Cadbury globally in 2010, Cadbury was very much a family orientated business with many family values. This was a place you wanted to work and took great pride in telling people where you worked. Since Kraft acquired the company globally this changed and everything in the organisation became very aggressively performance driven along with constant lead by fear as the order of the day. Retrenchments have been ongoing since 2012. In saying the above the company did afford me the opportunity to develop myself, allowing me to study, to travel frequently overseas and attend conferences and workshops.Bonus, Free chocolatesLots of traveling"

Management Trainee / Ag. Shift Lead (Former Employee) says

"Good Company with Strong winning mindset. A typical day at work involved making delicious products, satisfying and making delicious moments of joy commonplace.Delicious Products, served at the CanteenPoor remuneration"

SME (Subject Matter Expert) says

"We get to learn new things everyday at work, After finishing our regular work we ave scope to learn new things which provides opportunity for growth. While working we can take some time to learn online courses. Courses not only about work but about various courses."

Process Engineer Intern (Former Employee) says

"Great Company to work if you're going through the engineering route, as people in this sector are nice and willing to help you take your career to the next step. management however seem to be their biggest drawback towards progression and innovation.Free Lunches, Great facilities, gym, and great engineering deptPoor management and pay"

Technical Lead (Former Employee) says

"No reviews have been provided for the below. •a typical day at work •what you learned •management •your co-workers •the hardest part of the job •the most enjoyable part of the job"

Temporary Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The duties expected of you were clearly explained and not hard. co-workers there are friendly. I learned how punctuality and orderliness are necessary for the operation of the factory. The hardest part was trying to complete the long hours on the over night shifts.good paylong hours"

Picker/Packer (Former Employee) says

"It is challenging work but it is not a stressful environment to work in and there is always career path if you want one with this company or you can remain on the shop floor if that suits your needs there is always extra shifts available if you require the extra workTwo brakes per shiftLow wages"

general worker (Former Employee) says

"The work is good for anyone and the experience is great for a young person in Port Elizabeth, I enjoyed the time working there and for me it was the perfect opportunity for me"

Production Manager (Former Employee) says

"Follow up on required outputs and results as per processes and operational demands in the Airline Industry The importance of Quality and safetuy and the application and enforcement of Quality Systems. Maintaining Quality in all aspecst of deliverables in all Key performnace indicators Managemnt is Conservative, but promotes Participative styles and Transparent. Needs to practice the Vison and the Mission of the organisation in all aspects of deliverables Co workers does not want to be challenge and does not take others views and inputs into consideration when in decision making processes The hardest part is the intrenal olitical battles to enure the daily task is maintained and achieved The enjoyable part is the satisfaction of job satisfaction and goal achievement"

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